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Akims greeting


     Alatau District was created in Almaty as the seventh district in accordance with the instruction of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was the significant and long-awaited event for city residents. A large quantity of the mushroom settlements in the northwest direction appeared in suburbs of Almaty from the moment of gaining the independence. It was complicated to manage these areas for the administrative bodies of the city, therefore Almaty Akim (mayor) Akhmetzhan Yesimov brought this issue to the attention of the Head of State and got encouragement.

     Now our main task is the decision of problems of the district with the purpose of improvement of social and economic status of the population and increase of living standards that correspond to high standards of modern city.

     Our district does not have the enough quantity of schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, and the transport infrastructure is not developed sufficiently. But all these problems will be solved with the lapse of time. Great number of new objects will be created here.

     Millions of square meters of habitation will be constructed in the territory of Alatau District in the nearest future, more than 500000 people get apartments in new houses, more than 150 schools and kindergartens will be opened, hospital for 9100 patients, drugstores, employment center, post offices, banks and many other objects of inner infrastructure will appear here.

     New roads and sidewalks will be paved. We plan to pave the main roads from the East to the West and in the northern direction including Sain street, Tlendiev street, Otegen batyr street, Momyshuly street, Ryskulov street and others. Multilevel flyovers will be constructed at the intersections of these streets.

     In the course of time, the large enterprises located today in the center of southern capital will be placed in the territory of Alatau District. Population of a new administrative unit will increase after some times. It is planned to create here a city inside of the city with all necessary modern infrastructure, and with the population approximate to Astana city.

     Alatau District has all necessary prerequisites for becoming the elite one.

     In these conditions it is very important to use new information opportunities. Our web-site will allow people to be well informed about the district by means the Internet, and also to take active part in its life, using the interactive dialogue. It becomes an additional impulse for integration of a new district of Almaty into the modern dynamically developing information world.